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Color pencils and watercolor

Unexpected pleasure: Children book aged 5 to 7®

This project is inspired by my experience: be bullied in school and went to botanical garden for relaxation. It  mainly tells a story that a lonely girl named Cathy was isolated in the school and one day she went to the forest alone at night occasionally when touching the painting which has unknown magic at home. She made friends with the animals, experiencing new things unexpectedly and happily. And she also gets some inspiration of how to deal with the school bullying problem from this journey.

The aim of the project is to express that we can always believe the existence and importance of kindness and friendship. Maybe sometimes it is hard to find but it will appear one day. And we can be confident. We do not need to be flawless, the ‘incomplete beauty’ makes our features.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles