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Edible material&Metal&Waste material 


My concept is reflect the current situation of certain marine life and appeal for a more evironmental way to deal with the construction waste. I choose to use construction materials and combined with some degradable and edible materials to finish my work, and my work can be worn on both human and marine life. The inspiration is that I found that some temporary stores just exist several days the they are quickly pulled down at night. Most of us may know that some of them are just
disposed to land. But which is barely known is that some of them are disposed to the sea, which is harmful to the marine life.

After countless experiments, I finished my final work. My first work looks like a gill of fish and it is also an ear ornament. It is made of cement, waste net and my hand mad net, to express the situation that the cement poison and stifle the marine life. And the second one looks like alga and the legs of octopus. It is also a pair of glasses. It is made of waste net and sand and combine them with edible materials like starch, vinegar and sugar and change their colour with food colourings, to express the situation that the algal bloom stifle and poison marine life. My last work is a neck ornament that can be worn on both fish and human. it is made of weaving bag, waste net, and I combine them with hand made net, gelatin and cleanser, to express the idea that the waste net can stifle marine life.



2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles