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Acrylic plate

Emotion printer®

In the past, ink was usually used to create some concrete images and handwritings to express feelings or transmit messages. But it is replaced gradually by other media such as computers and newspapers, which are more convenient and clearer. So can ink conveys emotions and transmits information directly and clearly just by its different shades and colours?

Through the researches about the classification of emotions and the representative colour of each emotion, it is found that human complex emotions can be expressed by the mixture of four basic feelings-- happiness, sadness, anger and fear. And I had a better understanding of the relationship between colours and emotions. This feature can be linked to the charater of ink because they are alike. Different shades and colours of ink can be used to convey emotions.

I want to make an “emotion printer”. This printer can produce a special “emotion illustration” for a person.

Each emotion is expressed by an incomplete mixture of two colours of certain proportion. The four bottons which represent four basic emotions respectively can be pressed to start printing. The proportion of each feeling is controlled by the duration we pressed the button. And the order of the emotions can also be changed. There is paper rolling at the bottom of the machine to help to make an illustration.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles