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Color pencil, watercolor, fur, pvc, hardboard

Across hemisphere ®

Form: a picture book, a pop-up book and comic.

Each species of fox can represent people in certain region. In my work, red fox represent people who live in subtropical zone and temperate zone. Arctic fox represent those live in frigid zone and Fennec represent those live in the tropics. And I imagine that the book is about they know each other through the Internet and meet each other bravely across hemisphere. Then they go travel together, having better understanding of cutural background of each other through this trip.

I hope some cultural facts can come to the attention of public through this interesting way and my work can be educational and work as a reminder of culture protection and mutual tolerance.



The red fox, arctic fox and fennec gathered together on Halloween. They prepared some custumes of their own nation and exchange them with each other.


A red fox and an arctic fox made friends online ande the brave arctic fox come to meet the red fox from polor region. And then they travel together. During this time, they get familiar with each other and have a better understanding of their mutual culture background such as food, customs, characters and different mode of thinking. And they also learn mutual tolerance.

Picture book

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles